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Franchise Single Store

Thank you for your interest in LAMIZ store franchise opportunities. Your inquiry is the first step toward learning whether becoming part of LAMIZ’ exciting retail environment is right for you.

Today, everyone is looking for solid investments that can count on. At LAMIZ, we are proud that our superior products, clean, well- located stores and reasonable prices have developed such a loyal clientele.  A LAMIZ franchise comes with the security of a solid brand and proven success in addition to a large number of customers.


Selection Process

The selection of new LAMIZ store owners is an important decision involving an extensive interview and approval process. Not everyone who applies for a franchise meets the criteria to be a LAMIZ licensee. For mutual success and satisfaction, we must ensure that each store owner possesses the necessary entrepreneurial drive, management skills, financial means and dedication which is required in today’s competitive market.

In the LAMIZ system, the selection of the best people followed by a comprehensive training program and ongoing operational and marketing support has allowed the company to continue its expansion and remain as Iran’s best coffee and baked goods chain.

To submit an application for future opportunities, please complete the following Word Doc file and send it to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

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